What happens if my items do not sell within the 60-day consignment term?

  • We have a very high sell through rate especially on furniture! In fact we sell almost all of our consigned furniture within the 60-day term. If by chance your large items have not sold by Day 60, we would be happy to discuss re-consignment with you. Consignors still maintain ownership of their items while on consignment and do have the right to reclaim their items, however there may be a fee depending on the item.

How does Decor on a Dime have such a high sell through rate?

  • We price items realistically with our current buyers in mind. Once you have brought us your items, we need to price them with the objective to sell them. Many competitor consignment shops will price items higher as a lure to get you to drop your goods off with them. This is similar to what happens in the real estate market. If one agent says your house is going to sell for $500,000 and another says $400,000 we are inclined to go with the higher price however, that may not be the right price. The bottom line is that if your items are not selling and you need to pick them up at the end of the term (or consequentially forfeit them to the store) your time, efforts and money are probably best doing something more enjoyable. We recognize this burden and feel that receiving something for your items is better than nothing.

Who determines the resale value of items for sale?

  • There is generally a big difference between what each consignor perceives the resale value to be (typically based on what they paid in the beginning) and what the paying customer is willing to pay for “used stuff”. We have to put ourselves into the paying customer’s shoes and not the consignor’s shoes when setting the resale price. After over 10 years in business we know our customer base pretty well and what their price range expectations are when shopping at our store.

    Consignors also need to consider that when they originally purchased an item and paid good money for it, they were not purchasing it thinking how much they can resell it for in 10, 20 or 30 years. Bottom line…the paying customer determines the resale value.

When will I know what the resale price of my items are?

  • We only price items in the store. General rule of thumb is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the original retail price before taxes, delivery fees, scotch guard, assembly etc. We spend lots of time to research items and we use a paid website that compares many different resale websites to come up with a realistic estimate. We also need to see the items up close to give a realistic estimate as there are many factors that come into play, such as, quality of workmanship, minor surface damage, brand name, etc. that cannot really be seen sufficiently in pictures. Bottom line: we are both sharing the profit in the sale of your goods so it’s in our best interest to get as much as we feel is realistic.

How can I make the most money selling my items with Decor on a Dime?

  • Bring us items that are current or classic in design, clean and in great condition! If you are parting with your items because they are outdated in style or damaged it is difficult for us to resell them. Remember, often times customers and consignors are in similar boats when it comes to lifestyle changes (i.e. downsizing in their later years) and have similar needs and preferences. We value our customers’ feedback and make note of their purchasing behaviours so any items declined for sale in our store is never a personal decision.

What items are the best sellers?

  • Think of what you would see in the major chains right now or in recent years. Please visit our How It Works page for examples of some of our items with the greatest demand and fastest turnaround times.