Fusion 101 Express, Sign, or Bring your Own Piece - Saturday Oct. 17th prices from:


Sunday November 1st - partial or full day workshop

Fusion 101 Express - $49.99 | 9:30-10:30 AM

In this 60-minute express workshop, you will be shown several techniques and best practices for using Fusion Mineral Paint. You will practice hands on using sample boards and paint (included). When finished you will have enough knowledge to go home and paint your own piece at home.

Fusion 101 Express plus a 9 x 24 sign - $64.99 | 9:30AM-approx. Noon

Once you have completed the hands on learning you may choose to stay another hour or two and pay an extra $15 (you can pre-register or pay the day of the workshop pending space) and make one 9 x 24 sign using one of our many stencil choices as well as the full range of Fusion colours and products.

Fusion 101 plus BYOP - $119.99 | 9:30-5:00 PM (small piece such as a nightstand, a dining chair, a small accent table) continues all day.

Once you have completed Fusion 101 Express, you can move right into painting your own piece of furniture using your kit which is included in the workshop cost. BYOP will run all afternoon and finish between 4 and 5pm. Please note; This does not include a sign however you do get to take your leftover products home with you. You may also purchase additional products at 10% off on the day of the workshop.

In some cases, certain pieces have fire retardant coating or are know to bleed tannins and may require a little prep a day ahead of time.  It is highly recommended that you email a picture of your piece to us ASAP so that we can determine if it needs to be dropped off a day or two ahead for us to prep for you. A close up of the wood grain would also be helpful along with brand name or country of origin.

Paint Kit included in BYOP price. One person/project per kit 

$24             1 pint of paint (choose any colour we have in stock

$18              1 Fusion Synthetic Angle 2" Brush

$18              1 tray/roller kit

$12              1 brush soap

$13              1 TSP Alternative

$85  Value  

Additional products may be purchased at the workshop at 10% off on the day of the workshop only.

Please note; Space is limited to 5 people to stay the full day.  We cannot guarantee we will have enough space for all attendees to stay so it's best to pay at the time of booking Fusion 101 in order to secure a space.

Coffee/tea/water/snacks are included. Please bring a lunch or plan to go to one of the nearby fast food restaurants in the area if you plan on staying the day with us.

Cancellation policy:

In the event of a forced closure, we will put kits together and run a virtual workshop the same day and time so you can follow along from home. Refunds will not be issued.

We understand that emergencies or other obligations can occur however please understand that we have reserved this space for you and cannot issue refunds or credits.  You may sell your spot to another person if you wish.


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