A Bit About My Store

I was a retail manager for over 25 years when I decided I wanted to start up my own business. It was on a day off (one of the few I got) when I walked into a consignment shop selling small home décor items that I had my Ah-ha! moment! I decided home décor consignment was great but, what about furniture AND home décor together! In 2007 Décor on a Dime opened its doors.

My personal beliefs have always incorporated the “reduce, reuse, recycle.” mantra. Over the past 12 plus years, the store has undergone some exciting new changes including an expansion and the introduction of Fusion Mineral Paint; in addition to some unexpected events, such as our store fire in 2010. I have always enjoyed partnering with neighbouring small businesses and entrepreneurs to bring awareness and a sense of community to the East Hamilton Mountain. After over a decade in business, we have been able to streamline our intake process which has allowed us to include pictures of store inventory in our online store. Now customers can preview and purchase online from home or smartphone!

A Bit More About Me

A bit more about me (after all it is my business and I can do whatever I want)…. A few years after I started my business I divorced and became a single mom to my daughter, Andrea. Running a business plus having a young daughter as a single parent is tough (as I’m sure I’m not the only one to atest to that) but, I persevered and was dedicated to my dream. I recently re-married an old flame from high school, Edwin (see…reduce, reuse, recycle!) whom I reconnected with via Facebook and together we have blended the (almost) perfect family.

I have always taken pride in my staff. We often hear how very friendly and outgoing our employees are, which I believe is one of the cornerstones of a great successful business. There have been a few new faces added throughout the years, including various co-op students but, the original three are all still here–Elsa and Janice, and well, me! We have talented visual merchandisers that keep the store looking fresh and new. There are never two days the same in this business! The unexpected comings and goings keep my staff on their toes and our regular customers stopping by for their weekly visit. We have a large banner in the shop that reads: “Don’t be disappointed…the item you are looking at today and want to think about until tomorrow, someone else saw it yesterday and is coming back today”.This statement is very true!Thanks for taking the time to read all about how I got started with Decor on a Dime and we hope to see you in the store soon!