Here's how we can work together in 3 easy steps!

1. What can I bring to sell?

Yes Please  No Thanks
  • Furniture
  • Home Accessories that you would find today in the new retail stores
  • Lighting
  • Wall décor
  • Wine glasses
  • Swarovski
  • Royal Doulton
  • Cranberry
  • Tiered desert trays
  • Holiday/Seasonal Christmas intake starts Labour Day weekend and only items that we can price above $12 or bundle in sets to make $12. We only accept Christmas items in Sept/Oct and possibly November pending supply and demand.

All items are subject to final inspection at the door. Items that are not clean or have damage will be turned away at your expense.

  • Collectibles (except for Royal Doulton, Swarovski and Cranberry)
  • Dishes/china/tableware (except for wine glasses, highball and old fashioned)
  • Mattress/box spring
  • Items needing repairs or missing parts
  • Clear glass items such as platters, trays etc.
  • Most crystal (see exceptions on other list) We may take a large vase or crystal bowl depending on current supply
  • Silver
  • Most items that are more than 5-10 years old
  • Used Area Rugs
  • Entertainment Units
  • Used bedding
  • Most China Cabinets unless with a new style dining set
  • Books
  • Records/music
  • Other items at our discretion

2. How do I sell my items?

There are three options for selling items:
  • Consign* **  -We pay you 40% of the selling price after your items sell
  • Payment Up Front*  -We pay you approximately 20% up front of the price we will list your item(s) at
  • Trade*  -We pay you 25% up front of the price we will list your item(s) at, in store credit

*Some exceptions apply. Further details will be provided in-store upon dropping off your items
**All items are subject to 2018 Consignor Agreement HERE

3. When can I bring my items in?

Small Items  Large Items
  • Book an appointment
  • The consignor is to unwrap items and show staff members from 2 metres away (unwrapped to air out) ex; brand new sheets in original packaging-do not unwrap, set of individually wrapped wine glasses-please unwrap
  • The consignor is to label items or place back in boxes with date and time
  • Items are kept in the “holding area” for min. 72 hours before being handled by staff
  • Items are added to your account. If items are found with damage or in need of repair, you will be contacted for further instructions.

We are not responsible for lost or mislabeled items. Please be sure to label all items with easy-peel stickers or painters (blue or green) masking tape.

  • Click HERE to consign your furniture
  • Please call store to book drop off time
  • Large items are subject to final inspection at the door
  • Unexpected large pieces will be turned away as space is limited