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Hand painted framed artHand painted framed art
Hand painted framed art Sale price$27.99
Artistic Jasper
Artistic Jasper Sale price$28.00
Pink Zebra
Pink Zebra Sale price$28.00
Tourqoise Glass
Tourqoise Glass Sale price$28.00
Fancy Jasper w Glass
Fancy Jasper w Glass Sale price$28.00
Zebra print
Zebra print Sale price$10.00
Flower focal with white
Flower focal with white Sale price$10.00
Rose focal
Rose focal Sale price$10.00
Flower focal with purple
Flower focal with purple Sale price$10.00
Handpainted Denim Jacket/LipsHandpainted Denim Jacket/Lips
Handpainted Denim Jacket/LadyHandpainted Denim Jacket/Lady
Handpainted Denim Vest/GlassesHandpainted Denim Vest/Glasses
Handpainted Green Jacket/ChipnDaleHandpainted Green Jacket/ChipnDale
Handpainted Grey Jacket/LlamaHandpainted Grey Jacket/Llama
Handpainted Denim Jacket /WomanHandpainted Denim Jacket /Woman
Handpainted Flower Pot/Woman
Handpainted Flower Pot/Sunflower
silver bow silver ble teardrop
pink teardrop pearl white rhinestone
burgundy teardrop semi circle  white rhinestone flower
magenta pink white flower rhinestone
blue teardrop white rhinestone flower
white pearl white rhinestone charm flower push back
turquoise white rhinestone triangle
clear teardrop rhinestone vine flower push back
olive green gold sun
olive green gold sun Sale price$28.00
light blue teardrop white rhinestone push back
pink bead with gold bowtie
navy ble gold white rhinestone butterfly
purple teardrop gold  with white rhinestones
purple bead white diamond rhinestone
burgundy teardrop circle gold
yellow teardrop white yellow rhinestone flower
magenta pink bowtie flower
pink leaves semi circle
pink leaves semi circle Sale price$35.00
silver white diamond flower navy teardrop
green teardrop and push back clear semi circle triangle rhin
Black and Yellow Symbol Painting
Woman with Butterfly Painting
Woman with Owl Painting
Woman with Owl Painting Sale price$16.99
Woman with Blue Hair Painting
Woman with Purple Flowers Painting
Strength Painting
Strength Painting Sale price$16.99
Pink Flower/Black Background Painting
Neon Cat Painting
Neon Cat Painting Sale price$16.99
toronto raptors serving traytoronto raptors serving tray
hamilton tiger cats serving trayhamilton tiger cats serving tray
burled maple serving trayburled maple serving tray
burled maple serving tray Sale price$55.00